Winning Plastics is a leading company in plastic technology with more than 50 years of experience working for the international automotive industry. Our companies are situated in three locations around Germany and Czech Republic.

We develop and produce lettering, emblems, decorative parts, day and night design parts and functional components that meet the highest quality and design requirements of OEMs.

We implement your design ideas with our know-how our experience in the design of articles suitable for plastics.

The Winning Plastics group is an alliance of leading companies in the plastics, surface finishing and electroplating industry that guarantee the best result.



mio EUR 2023*

We believe in the creativity of our people. For them we establish the appropriate environment which allows the implementation of thoughts and ideas.

Sebastian Wagner

Chief Executive Officer of Winning Group


14. 3. 2024

Explore the possibilities and kickstart your career journey with Winning Plastics - Diepersdorf!

1. 10. 2023

The Linden plant in Hustopeče Czech Republic from the Winning Plastics group achieved a major safety milestone in September, when it crossed the 1,000-day mark without occupational accidents, which is a priority KPI for the Winning Group.

23. 7. 2023

The Automotive pillar completed four acquisitions, resulting in two new divisions - Winning Plastics and Winning CoFo. For the Construction pillar, last year again ended on a record high despite a cooling industry, with its business units delivering their best results ever.