The Group’s main objective for the coming years remains the search for synergies and the successful integration of all new companies under the Group’s wing. One of the major steps towards this goal taken by the Group in 2022 is the implementation of the so-called Winning Operating System (WiOS), a common evaluation framework based on the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes.

The full 2022 Annual Report, including the presentation of new acquisitions and projects or interviews with key players, can be downloaded here.

23. 7. 2023

The Automotive pillar completed four acquisitions, resulting in two new divisions - Winning Plastics and Winning CoFo. For the Construction pillar, last year again ended on a record high despite a cooling industry, with its business units delivering their best results ever.

1. 9. 2022

The insolvency administrator of the automotive supplier BOLTA-WERKE, Volker Böhm of Schultze & Braun, has sold the company’s business operations to a strategic investor. The buyer is the Winning Group a.s., through its subsidiary Winning Plastics a.s., a German-Czech industrial group specialising in automotive and construction.

10. 8. 2022

The Construction segment announced a record year, new acquisitions with top products are being added to the Automotive section, and operational excellence has been implemented by a dedicated team across the board.