This result was achieved not only by observing the established rules, ensuring the safety of operations and our employees, but also by introducing other smaller or larger measures aimed at occupational safety.

These improvements are based on observing dangerous situations or responding to minor incidents. It is also very important to warn and train colleagues when dangerous behavior is observed, in order to eliminate the occurrence of injuries, accidents or damage to an absolute minimum. Safe to work and then safe home.

“I am proud of the success of Winning Plastics in Hustopeče. Safety is our number one priority and everyone in the organization is responsible for it and can contribute to it. This major milestone achieved by the team in Hustopeče is proof that amazing things can be achieved in the field of safety and we must take care of it, take the time to congratulate the team and celebrate this achievement. And after we celebrate it, to get back to focus and work hard every day to work with them to offer all our associates a great place to work. And for that, a safe place is essential. Safety first!” states Francisco Ribera, Vice President & General Manager of Winning Plastics.

14. 3. 2024

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1. 10. 2023

The Linden plant in Hustopeče Czech Republic from the Winning Plastics group achieved a major safety milestone in September, when it crossed the 1,000-day mark without occupational accidents, which is a priority KPI for the Winning Group.

23. 7. 2023

The Automotive pillar completed four acquisitions, resulting in two new divisions - Winning Plastics and Winning CoFo. For the Construction pillar, last year again ended on a record high despite a cooling industry, with its business units delivering their best results ever.